Interview with Blakely Bennett

I met Blakely when she graciously offered me a chance to interview with her on her blog site. The interview process was a lot of fun for me and I hope for her. Blakely is a former Florida resident who now lives in the northwest where she has learned to love walking in the rain. She has several books in publication including a couple of series. I am honored to interview her here on Horrors and Hurrahs and hope you will enjoy reading her interview as much as I have.

Tell us a little about the BOUND BY YOUR LOVE series. 

BBYL is an erotic romance series set in southeast Florida and centers around the romantic lives of a group of friends. The sex scenes are very detailed and they occasionally include bondage and light discipline.

Since BITTERSWEET DECEIT is the second book in the series, give us a little peek into the first book in the series. 

STUCK IN BETWEEN is the first book in the series and is about the protagonist Jacqs (Jacqueline) who finds herself stuck in between two best friends. She and Bond have been on and off in the love arena and she is ultimately tired of Bond’s inability to commit to one person. Red, Bond’s best friend, makes it clear he is interested in Jacqs and the sparks begin to fly. To find out how it all resolves, you must read the story. 😉

Describe Lainie for us, tell us what she does and where she lives.

Lainie is a tall, full-figured woman who lives in a condo in Fort Lauderdale on the Intracoastal Waterway and owns a clothing shop called Bella Boutique.

Is Lainie in both books?

All the main friends are in all the books. In STUCK IN BETWEEN, Lainie is Jacqs best friend and confidant so you get to know her through that story as well.

Mason, is her current love interest, so what kind of hunk is he?

Mason is a taller Paul Newman who loves to roll play. They have some fun, kinky scenes together and he is also quite the lover. His pale blue eyes, salt and pepper hair, and firm chest really turn Lainie on.

How did Lainie come to you?

The name I borrowed from a close friend I’ve had since junior high school. (Love the name) The rest the character presented to me as I wrote her story.

How did Mason come to you?

It seemed clear from the first book that Lainie was keeping a secret. I searched some photos of hot older men on Pinterest and chose his look, merging two different men. Mason is married.

And Stay?

We get to know Stay somewhat in Stuck in Between, but he really comes to life in Bittersweet Deceit. I don’t preplan when I write. I go with the flow and let my imagination take me away. My characters know what they need.

“Mystical connection” sounds so intriguing. Can you tell us just a little about it?

Stayman is the most intuitive of the group of friends and he can sense Lainie’s pain and when she’s in trouble.

Do you have other series or stand alones available? Jack and Jenna vacation to Jamaica, hoping to rekindle their romance. Flirtations ignite with another couple, leading to unintended consequences.

THE DEMARCATION OF JACK is a contemporary romance with a twist and the first of the FRACTURE FIDELITIES TRILOGY, which I wrote with my husband, Dana Bennett.

MY BODY TRILOGY is a dark erotic suspense series and not for those who think 50 Shades of Gray is a walk on the deviant side. The books are MY BODY-HIS, MY BODY-HIS (MARCELLO) & MY BODY-MINE. In the trilogy, you will experience Jane’s journey into domination and discipline, her loss of self, and ultimate recovery.

How long have you been writing?

For many years on and off. My first novel was published two years ago.

Do you write every day?

When I’m in the throes of writing, absolutely. I do take time off between novels.

A little about you now. Where do you live? Family? Pets? Interests other than writing?

I live in the Seattle area with my husband and daughter and we have two cats: Annie and Coco. Other than writing, we love to dance, watch movies, hang out with our friends, spend time at our cabin, walk and hike, and explore new places.

Do you have critique partners?

My husband is my first reader/editor and I do the same for him. I also have a great group of beta/test readers who help me put out the best stories.

What’s your next project?

I’m currently in the final stages of the first draft of BLUE PERSUASION, book three in the BOUND BY YOUR LOVE SERIES. I have also started a steamy romance I plan to finish right after Blue Persuasion called THE SECOND FIRST CHANCE.

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