Interview on Smashwords

Lazy Sunday morning here in Nashville. Cold, wet, cloudy. Just the kind of day to watch football, update webpages and work on all things writerly. Speaking of which, Smashwords interviewed me this week at ( . I’d love you to take a look and offer suggestions for more questions or chat with me about the answers I gave to these questions.

I enjoy being interviewed. Gives me a chance to look into myself a little, something most of us don’t have time to do often.

Tuesday, November 18th (day after tomorrow) is the launch date for BONES ALONG THE HILL. I hope many of you will read it. If you like it, reviews on Amazon (  and Smashwords ( will be so very much appreciated.

I will be hosting a launch party on Facebook ( between the hours of six p.m. and nine p.m. central standard time on November 18, 2014. Please drop by and chat with us a while. There will be prizes, so you’ll have a chance to walk away with something you can use.

Exciting times here. Busy times as well which is why this post is short.

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